Friday, July 27, 2007

Spitzer, Bruno and my disgust

AS many of you know, I am a big fan of Eliot Spitzer; he is in fact a personal hero of mine. The recent hullabaloo in Albany is really depressing. It seems as if we live in a country that is addicted to scandals that are not even scandals. If Spitzer is in fact guilty of abuse of power, I guess he should be punished but the whole thing profoundly saddens me: is this a scandal worthy of your time when the future of our state hangs in the balance? Bruno has little to nothing to offer New York State in terms of effective policy, he is a terrible fiscal conservative, and seems to be addicted to spending our tax dollars. I just do not understand the audacity he has to say that the governor has abused his power when he has no issue with flying around the state, on our dollar so that he can cozy up with special interests. This whole 'scandal' only shows us how little the Senate and Assembly care about our state, they only care about the status quo which is nasty political deadlock. I am disappointed that our Governor is now mired by the swamp that is Albany, but I do think he will persevere. For those of us that care about fiscal responsibility and what is right stand behind the governor with pride. Hopefully the painfully bizarre hypocrisy of senator Burno will come to the surface. Albany's Status quo is NOT acceptable if we want to save our state: All of our state. Eliot FIGHT ON!


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