Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anti-Budget Commercials Part of New York State's Most Expenisve Lobbying Effort in Our History at a WHOPPING 4.5 Million!

From Newsday:

"No amount of money spent will dissuade me from doing what's right for this state," Spitzer said Friday.

Spitzer called the health care lobbyists' ads "misleading, false and fatuous" to create fear and "hysteria." Spitzer plans to air new ads, paid for through his campaign funds.

Grandeau said Spitzer hasn't filed a report because his ads aren't regulated by the lobbying commission since they aren't a "call to action" for lawmakers.

Spitzer seeks to change the system he said taxpayers can no longer afford to focus more on at-home care and less expensive community health centers that would emphasize preventive care. He said too much health care is currently handled in hospital emergency rooms, where it is most expensive, and his reforms will improve care while insuring millions more children.


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