Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rangel Tells State’s Delegation the Eliot Spitzer Has An Anger Problem!

Can you believe this? This is what Rangel said about Eliot? Here is a times article about it!
“Anger and emotion will not help this delegation in trying to help our constituents,” said Mr. Rangel, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and, like Mr. Spitzer, a Democrat. “We refuse to get involved in a food fight when what we need is health care.”

Who wouldn't be angry when the state of New York is so terrible that people are leaving it in droves? I just got back from Oneonta where the employees of stores had no teeth because they have no access to affordable health care OR good jobs. There are many reasons for this but many of them lie with what Spitzer calls the "culture of the status quo." Labor and hospital groups have been clashing with the Governor over his proposed budget and frankly, they all disgust me. Granted actual health care workers are hard working people, but all the farmers I know, and all the self employed artists I know, have little to no insurance because it is too expensive. My parents, who are getting older, retained their own insurance as farmers and it was expensive they shouldered it themselves, dispute ever dwindling checks for lamb meat. After years of coverage they were unceremoniously dropped. IT is great that the health care unions, and hospital groups want to help themselves but we as citizen's of New York State have to help ALL OF US! My parents work very very hard and it is not right that there are no affordable health care options for them. It is with Spitzer's budget and bravery and doing what is right, and not easy that there is a chance for New York State. The audacity of Rangel to say that Eliot has anger problems because he tells the unions that they are wrong, to their faces disgusts me. It really does. I know that I am usually positive on here, but this is the final straw, being polite is not what New York State needs we need what is right.


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