Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Budget IN!

Our New governor's new budget is in and he is ready to fight with the powers that be to get it passed. He has pledged to take it to the people, and with his unprecedented win this past November he has the political capital to do it! GO ELIOT!

Here is an excerpt from a times article:

"Many of the governor’s proposals face a tough sell in the Legislature, with Republicans who control the Senate uncomfortable with Mr. Spitzer’s plans on education, health care and property taxes, and the proposed overall increase in spending. The governor’s relations with Democrats who lead the Assembly have been strained by a battle over how to pick a new state comptroller.

The difficulty of the governor’s task also became apparent when two influential interest groups, the Greater New York Hospital Association and 1199 S.E.I.U. United Healthcare Workers East, the health care workers union, put out a detailed rebuttal to the governor’s health proposals this morning, calling them “riddled with inaccuracies.”

But Mr. Spitzer, as is his way, said in a speech to the Legislature in the capitol complex this morning that he was ready for a fight and would take his case to the public. Polls show the governor is far more popular than the Legislature.

“I’m going to be out there talking to voters, citizens, homeowners, taxpayers, editorial boards,” the governor said in his speech to lawmakers. “I’m going to be speaking to anybody who will listen. This is not a debate that will be cloistered in the halls of this building, this is a debate that I plan to bring to the people of New York.” "


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